Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ignore the weather forecast

Last weekend, the weather was dreary. I stayed home instead of doing the things I had planned, and regretted it. So, facing a second weekend of dreary weather, I headed out armed with my umbrella and sneakers. I didn't get many pictures because my camera was almost out of battery, of course.

Aung and Mustafa, entrepreneurs
First stop was my very favorite intersection in Buffalo: Grant and Lafayette. That was where I first fell in love with the city, and going back always feels like coming home.

My friend Aung had the Grand Opening for his new store, IT Garden, so I went to see his new place. He had opened up the back of the store and there were over 30 people back there eating and talking. Immediately I had plates full of Burmese food and a rotation of lovely people to talk to. I'm glad to see him open and wish him luck!

Freddy J's: the outside belies the inside
I took some Burmese food across the street to Joe, who owns West Side Stories and works with me at Journey's End. I've been stopping by his store to bug him every so often since he opened in 2011. He introduced me to Kathy, who owns the building next store, and and she gave me a tour of the incredible things she's doing with the interior.

Kathy then introduced me to the guys at Freddy J's BBQ, and I spent some time with them while the chefs proved to me that they have a few great vegetarian options like mac and cheese. I was totally unprepared for how great the inside looked, and highly recommend their sit-in-and-chat-with-the-chefs option!

I had to park several blocks away from the Allen St Art Festival, which was great since I walked down some side streets I haven't before and got to enjoy the unique houses and gardens on the way. There was good attendance despite the clouds, and the Bubble Man was in action. I bought some fantastic Buffalo stuff (Buffaloot?) which I have been wanting for ages: a shirt, a poster, and a pair of earrings! They had plenty of Buffalove items and it was hard to choose my favorites.

Allentown Art Fest 2013
Today reinforced for me that I'm happiest exploring, meeting new people, and maintaining connections to people and places. It's too easy to look at the clouds outside, think of everything I have to do, and stay at home. I'm glad I didn't do that today.

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