Sunday, July 21, 2013

Frozen Yogurt: Showdown on Elmwood

Elmwood had two new frozen yogurt stores open within weeks of each other, and then Buffalo experienced a few hot and very humid weeks. I think just about every reviewer and blogger in the area has compared the two places, but I'll throw in my experience as well. 

Just look at that. I'm not even listening anymore.
Overall, they both have a fun vibe and great product. I love that I can throw in a little of everything and make my dessert however I like. You can't go wrong visiting either place. 

White Rabbit - upstairs seating and cool decorations
White Rabbit wins on seating and they have some slightly more interesting toppings. Yotality is definitely the better of the two in my opinion, though. That's where I'll be getting my frozen yogurt all summer long (heck, I'll snowshoe there if they're open!). The yogurt that I've tried was much richer at Yotality, and their store design is conducive to the wandering, serve-yourself approach of their business model. White Rabbit had inferior, watery frozen yogurt, and then they put the main event right in front of the entryway. There's not really enough room in the aisle for people getting froyo, choosing toppings, and walking past each other. There may be plenty of space upstairs, but that's not where it's needed.

Yotality - the place to be :-)
I love the creative toppings they both offer. One of the combinations you can see in the lead picture (I tried 3 at once because I COULD) involved mango froyo with mango bursting boba (which I thought were The Sh** when I discovered them a few months ago) fresh mango, fresh kiwi, mochi pieces, and plenty of honey drizzled over. Not a typical ice cream experience! One thing that's nice but also sometimes annoying is that both places change up the flavors on offer. I'm glad they do, but the downside is that sometimes what I'm craving isn't there. Still, I try something new and leave with something delicious so what do I care? I'm glad they're here, even though they do tempt me to buy too much. I haven't heard what their plans for winter are, but I hope they stick around. It's always the right time for ice cream - or frozen yogurt!

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