Sunday, July 21, 2013

Horsefeathers Market and Vera Pizzeria

I've been doing so many things lately that I've created a problem for myself - I can't get the pictures up fast enough or write in depth about each thing if I want to cover them all! So look for some combined posts like this one. Horsefeathers Market and Vera Pizzeria were both on my Buffalo List 2013 and while they are very different, they remind me of each other with the great atmosphere and the high quality of the food.

outside view of Horsefeathers
I visited Horsefeathers toward the end of the day so I think the shop owners were starting to prepare for the next day. The outside wouldn't necessarily arrest your attention, but once you walk in the doors your jaw will drop. It is an immensely pleasant space to be in, and the food being produced is incredible.

We stopped in Press, which does organic local raw food and juice. The owner gave us a sample of every juice she has going right now, and they were incredible. There was one in particular I want to go back for, although for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. It was something like "Wakey Wakey" and it made you feel good about life. Let me know when you find it, okay?

The only problem was that all the seating is for Martin Cooks, so theoretically you have to take your food from Press to-go (that day, we asked Martin if we could sit down and he very nicely offered us our choice of seats). The other shops were nice and the whole place is gorgeous. I think they're well-positioned to be an anchor business on Connecticut St the way Prish's Sweetness 7 has been for Grant St. I know I was looking longingly at some of the unused storefronts nearby...

Martin Cooks within Horsefeathers

About a week after my visit to Horsefeathers, we had dinner at Vera Pizzeria. I had heard great things about Vera - well, strictly speaking, I had heard they had good, old-fashioned cocktails. The food was a secondary and expendable concern after that point. The only seats left when we arrived were outside, and I'm glad those were available because inside was packed and too noisy for what we wanted that night.

Love Potions, Pain Killers, Truth Serums, Courage Builders
We both ordered The Earhart cocktail, which included St Germain and crushed blackberries. St Germain is one of my very favorite things in the world, too bad for me that it is so expensive! The drink was more than I would normally spend ($10) but I forgave them as soon as I tried it. It was strong and all the flavors were perfectly balanced. The only negative thing that night was how our drinks came out - can you guess which one is meant for a woman and which is meant for a man? Apparently they are going for an authentic, historical vibe with their drinks in more ways than one.

Vera Prosciutto pizza - sans prosciutto
I also ordered a pizza ($14) that normally comes with prosciutto but they made it vegetarian for me. I was hesitating to ask the waiter about a custom order (having been a waitress in the past) and he offered great advice, assuring me that everything could be custom ordered. I should have asked his name, because he was perfect at his job and added to the all around good experience. Everything we ordered came out quickly and was well-presented even though they were busy.

If you haven't noticed yet, you will soon - I LOVE food. Hit my tastebuds just right and I am a quivering wreck. My husband sometimes reminds me not to scare the waiter when they ask me how I'm enjoying my meal (think Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme). So interpret all my comments with that in mind. That being said, WOW doesn't cover it. The "pizza" had fire-roasted tomato jam (?!?!) as a base, with fresh mozzarella and diced baby asparagus. I can't describe it, you just need to go and try it for yourself. You're welcome.

In every respect, Vera was fantastic. I would pay even more for something that good, especially with the great atmosphere and service (I really hope no one from Vera is reading this!). The neighborhood is great, too, and a lovely walk. If I am looking for a go-to spot to take visitors, it will probably be here. Any excuse to get back, really.

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