Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 4th 2013

Electric Tower was red-white-and-blue
We generally do a low-key July 4th, so this year we went to a movie at the Market Arcade and then down to Canalside for the fireworks.

I had been to the Market Arcade building but never the movie theatre. I loved it and would be willing to go downtown again for the experience. The guy at the snacks counter made sure to make us feel great and the snacks were prices I wouldn't mind paying.

Canalside was fun, of course. It was nice to see the fireworks light up the grain silos, but I think next year we will try the outer harbor or a boat cruise. I was a little disappointed with the fireworks - I grew up near an awesome fireworks show and am probably spoiled in that area.

One thing we learned - downtown is a bit creepy with no one around! The music coming from the empty metro stations is really nice when there are people milling around, but when the streets are empty while it is still daylight, it is like being on the set of a horror film. I hope the new development downtown will help with that.

I know during the Christmas season they put old store window figurines on display the way they used to decades ago (those are SUPER creepy, sorry everyone! Bah humbug, I know). The idea is for older generations to bring their kids and have the same special experience they remember from their childhood. Imagine if I could bring my nephew and niece downtown as teenagers and tell them stories about the empty evening streets, which they wouldn't be able to imagine because there will be so much happening at all hours of the day by that time. Hey, we can dream, right?

Canalside before dark
Fireworks over the silos.

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