Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Preview: First Buffalo Dishcrawl

On Tuesday I crossed something off my Buffalo Bucket List (2013) AND learned about a new adventure available in Buffalo. I went to Horsefeathers Market for the first time (more about that later!) and met with Katelyn Musall, the Buffalo Dishcrawl ambassador and organizer. We talked about Dishcrawl over delicious raw food smoothies from Press. 
From a Dishcrawl near Dallas (photo credit Update Metro)

Katelyn told me that Dishcrawl started 3 years ago in California and has spread across the US and Canada. It's the same concept as a pub crawl, but with food tastings instead of beer tastings. On July 24th, Dishcrawl is coming to Buffalo. 

If you buy a ticket (available HERE) you will receive an email two days before Dishcrawl revealing the location of the first restaurant. We know that it will be downtown, but we don't know where yet. Everything is kept a secret and revealed slowly throughout the night. The group will be led from one restaurant to the next, where they will sample 3 dishes at each restaurant. The chefs will be on their best game for Dishcrawl, presenting signature dishes designed to woo you back for future visits. The price for the whole experience ($45) is a good value, although definitely outside my normal budget range. 

Having trouble imagining it? My friend Leah Stacy participated in the first Rochester Dishcrawl this week. See HERE for her coverage. On your next rainy day, check out more of her work, like The Bly Project. I think she's brilliant. :-)

One of the reasons I'm excited to see Dishcrawl come to Buffalo is their commitment to highlighting local restaurants. The organizer, Katelyn, hopes that Dishcrawl will help bring people in to downtown (and future sites) more often for dining and recreation. She's a proud Western New Yorker and hopes Dishcrawl will add to the excitement about Buffalo's food scene and cultural offerings.

I will be out of town for the first one, but I'm looking forward to future Dishcrawls that will focus on a different area every month or two. Imagine ending a Dishcrawl with a show at Shea's, or trying cuisine from 6 countries in one night, or tramping through the snow for a vegan Dishcrawl in January's post-holiday repentance. Yes, Dishcrawls will happen in winter! It's one of the best things about it.

Dishcrawl is far from the only option for a night out, but I'm happy to see it added to our nightlife landscape. The more Buffalonians getting excited about our local businesses, the better. 

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  1. Katelyn reached out to me via email as well but the first Dishcrawl is taking place a few days before my move to Buffalo. :) That's cool you were able to meet up with her! I've been dying to go to Press as well. The owner seems awesome.