Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taste of Buffalo 2013

We all have them - events you always hear about and think "I would love to check that out sometime" and then the day arrives and you don't make it out. Taste of Buffalo was one of those for me. 

I recruited a friend and we explored it this year. I was very pleased with our experience because 1) it was a lovely day for a festival, 2) downtown full of people is the best, 3) delicious food everywhere, 4) we caught a tour up to the top of City Hall to look down on the festivities, and 5) We stopped by the Statler lobby bar on our way out. Buffalo List success!

I love being in busy parts of cities when there are tons of people around. Just stepping out onto the street in NYC makes me light up like you wouldn't believe. In Buffalo I've found a similar feeling, but unique in my experience. The times I've been around big crowds here have been when everyone is there just to enjoy themselves and enjoy what the event has to offer. People aren't rushing around stressed; they're strolling with their friends or sitting under trees with their dogs and savoring the moment. I like that, and I like sharing in that. Also, NYC is always a train-ride away when I need it.

Yes, I took this picture. No, you don't want to know how. ;-)

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