Monday, September 2, 2013

Posh drinks: The Statler and the Hotel Lafayette

Pan American Grill, view from balcony
Two places I have been dying to check out are the Statler Hotel and the Hotel Lafayette. Both have had a lot of improvements recently and are particularly intriguing to me. I started small by going to the Pan-American Grill for Wednesday night live jazz, and going to the Statler lobby bar during Taste of Buffalo. They are both places I that I think deserve their recent good press.

Detail of Hotel Lafayette ceiling

The Pan-American was pretty empty when we got there around 6pm, but I liked the atmosphere and the servers were attentive. I had read poor reviews of their food but everything we had (& I've been back since) was great. The biggest problem was that the jazz started over an hour after it was advertised as starting, so we decided to come back another Wednesday for the live jazz experience. Now that we've been once it's easier to go again because we know what to expect.

I'm very excited to be going back to Hotel Lafayette in October for an event - I'm volunteering to help organize Literacy New York's annual fundraiser, Cocktails in Character. I've been to 2 of their last 3 Cocktails in Character events, and some of the ideas for this year are going to make it even more spectacular than before! Look for more info on their website and on Enjoy Buffalo as it gets closer.

Detail of Statler lobby proper
The Statler had a much less welcoming feel than the Pan-American, but I'm pretty sure that was because we stopped by during Taste of Buffalo when they had all but barricaded themselves against the general public. The decor was great and the bartender mixed a good strong drink. Based on the glimpses we had of the rest of the building, I am still incredibly curious to go to an event there. I feel like it would be the perfect setting for a winter gala - does anyone want to invite me to one?

Statler lobby bar
Before I went to either place, I was worried about affordability. Does anyone besides me get the vague fear of being asked to enter through the back door when approaching a classy place? Valets downright give me social anxiety. Luckily you don't need to worry about that feeling with these two places. The prices are very reasonable and they each have specials on certain nights to get more bang for your buck. Definitely check them out!

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