Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First snow, last snow

We've had our moments with this winter, for sure. We've made some history with the Polar Vortex, and today we made history again by having two official blizzards in one season for the first time in 40+ years.

As I hope that today means the worst of winter is passed, I want to send it a little love note to wish it well on its way. You stay too long, winter, but you are breathtaking.

Here's some pictures I've been meaning to post from our first big snow this season, back in November. It was hard to choose my favorites, so I'm considering setting up an online gallery. Not today, though...not today. 

I had a little trouble with my point-and-shoot camera to get the light setting right, but I think they still show how mythical everything looked.This snowfall helped set the tone of wonder that never really went away for me this winter. I especially loved seeing familiar sights like the Rose Garden and Hoyt Lake looking completely different than I'm used to seeing them.

Sculpture on Bidwell Parkway
Looking down Lincoln Parkway
This is the Rose Garden, but not as you're used to seeing it!
Hoyt Lake, which can never look less than gorgeous
I've been a winter-hater my whole life and that was the main reason I originally didn't want to relocate to Buffalo. I still am much crabbier during the winter, but I also can't help thinking, we've got it all! Nothing in our environment stays the same for very long, and it helps me to appreciate each season more. Hopefully these pictures help get you through the final few weeks before those first flowers start poking up through the snow.

I couldn't get enough of these festive-looking berries on Elmwood near the Lexington Co Op.

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