Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kleinhans in Winter

A popular view of the reflecting pool - with a snowy twist
Kleinhans Music Hall is a treasure that I feel lucky to be able to enjoy. I think Kleinhans is a great option during unpleasant weather especially, because of music's ability to lift your spirits. The Buffalo Chamber Music Society, whether for that reason or another, schedules their free-of-charge "Gift to the Community" series during the colder months. See the details HERE.

If you didn't get this already from browsing the Excels on this blog, I am all about enjoying Buffalo on a minimal budget. Sponsored concerts are a great way to increase access to good art and to a cultural treasure - much like Dollar Days and First Fridays do at other institutions across the city.

The Gift to the Community series is held in the Mary Seaton room - a smaller music hall within the larger building. It is probably most famous for it's outer design that projects into the reflecting pool in the warm months. As you can see below, it's a gorgeous space well designed for sound and sight.

The architect's vision for Kleinhans Music Hall "was to create 'an architectural atmosphere…so as to tune the performers and the public alike into a proper mood of performance and receptiveness, respectively.'" (from the Kleinhans website) The whole building shows a lovely attention to detail and interesting spaces.

Kleinhans Lobby
I had never been inside the main hall, so a considerate employee let me in to see it. He didn't have any reason to say yes when I asked, but he did and I appreciate his kindness so much. At the time of writing I haven't attended a concert in the main music hall, but I hope to go back soon to see how different it looks with the lights on.

For your next affordable opportunity to visit, look no further than THIS EVENT coming up on April 3rd. "Music in Buffalo's Historic Places" is an incredible series that for some reason is pretty hard to track down (it's on my Excels if you need to find the main site later). The Kleinhans iteration is only $15 and involves all guests sitting up on stage with the musicians. It will be a unique experience and I highly recommend going!

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  1. Anyway I can find out who took these images? I'd love to use them in a project I'm working on.