Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lake Effect Ice Cream Scoop Shop

Inside the shop - I mostly forgot to take pictures!
One of my favorite things is ice cream. Not just any ice cream, of course. The best ice cream. Inspired ice cream.

No one does it better than the guys at Lake Effect. I follow them on social media and most posts makes me want to drop what I'm doing and drive to their shop. They run a great collaborative business and their recent creations keep making me think, "They did WHAT?"

For Fathers Day this year (6/15/14) they are running a special involving...hold on...Guinness Chocolate Stout ice cream. And that's just the beginning.

I've had their ice cream often from Wegmans, but had never made it out to Lockport to their Scoop Shop at 79 Canal St. This summer, I knew that had to change. I gathered a crew and we took a road trip (45 min by car is a road trip for me, ok?) for their 2014 opening night.

I had scoped out their special offerings and decided on a gourmet popsicle (a "double double" - coffee and cream - yesyesyes) and their new sundae, El Guapo.  

Here's the full description of El Guapo: "Two and one half scoops of our Silver Cloud Vanilla ice cream, rolled in cinnamon Chrusciki Bakery cinnamon and sugar butter crumbles. Then topped with our house-made cinnamon chocolate sauce, local honey and real whipped cream. The crowning piece to this sundae is a cinnamon crisp baked especially for us from our friends at Elm Street Bakery." (from Lake Effect's Facebook page)

See what I mean?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

North Park Theatre reopened

View from the back of the theatre
I think I would post more here if I structured it more like writing in a photo album. We'll see!

The North Park Theatre made it to my 2014 Buffalo Bucket List because I had been following news of its restoration and was curious to see it for myself.

I was lucky enough to be present for the first showing on opening night, and the excitement in the room was enchanting.

It was a fantastic experience and definitely a place we'll go back to often. It's an instant tradition, but still low-key enough for a regular night out. It's location on Hertel only helps...except with last-minute parking! ;-)

Closeup of stage. I can't wait to see a live show here!

Detail of ceiling